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Motorcycle Colortune Kit 10mm


Specially designed for motorcycle engines, this low-volume Colortune maintains the compression ratio of the engine, ensuring better firing of the mixture.

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Simple to use, the Colortune spark plug has a glass insulator viewing window so that the combustion flame is visible. The kit also includes a viewscope with adjustable mirror so the flame can be seen where engine access is restricted. The colour of the flame inside the cylinder shows the state of the air:fuel ratio – a yellow flame indicates a rich mixture, a blueish white flame a weaker mixture whilst a Bunsen blue flame is usually correct. By adjusting the mixture screw to get the correct flame colour the engine can be accurately tuned. This motorcycle Colortune kit is designed for use with a 10mm spark plug size.

  • Colortune features a viewing window so the air:fuel ratio can be adjusted according to flame colour. Ideal for simple and effective engine tuning.
  • Specially designed for motorcycle engines to maintain the compression ratio of the engine.
  • Suitable for 10mm spark plug.
  • Kit includes: 10mm plug, hexagonal adaptor, angled cleaning brush and instructions.
  • Replacement HT lead adaptor available, Part No. G4074/02.